Indulge Yourself with Lingerie

As women, we spend most of our waking hours serving others – our mates, our bosses, our children, and even our parents. On our mental checklist of priorities, our needs are all too often relegated to the bottom of the list. Over time, neglecting our own needs takes its toll, not only on us, but also on those we love. When our own proverbial well is empty, we have nothing left to give to others.
That’s why it’s important that you make a commitment to indulging yourself at least once a week. Carve out time to take a bubble bath, go on a nature walk, spend quiet time journaling, or going solo to a movie. Once you’ve gotten into the habit of a regular indulgence, expand your self-care to include buying yourself a special gift from time to time.
While there may be many items on your wish list, there’s a case to be made for indulging yourself with lingerie. In the process of serving others, we often lose sight of our womanliness. Our femininity takes a back seat to the roles we play in our lives, and beautiful lingerie can help us reconnect with our feminine nature.
Although lingerie can certainly be sexy, giving yourself the gift of lingerie isn’t intended to be sexual. Whether or not you have a partner, wearing a beautiful bra and panty set can make you feel terrific. Having a supply of teddies doesn’t mean you have to parade around in them. Instead, wear teddies under a dress or blouse and feel the silky smoothness against your skin. Instead of wriggling into pantyhose every workday, switch to stockings and garters. Stockings are guaranteed to make you feel womanly. Others may wonder where your secret smile is coming from, but you don’t need to tell.
Remember that you don’t have to have a model’s body in order to enjoy lingerie. There are bustiers, teddies, stockings, and bra and panty sets made for plus-size women. There’s no room in life for body shame, so enjoy your curves! Regardless of your size and shape, you’re entitled to indulge your feminine nature.
We have wondrous opportunities to enjoy life’s bounty. We have an obligation to ourselves and to those we love to reap both joyful moments and secret pleasures. When we do, we become more fulfilled and are better equipped to meet the demands placed on us by our families, friends, and coworkers.

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