Virtual teddy bears

With technology teddy bears have went from those fluffy stuffed animals to becoming virtual. Virtual bears are jumping onto the big screen to help your children out in school. Log into a computer game and a bear may just start teaching you math, science or history. Children love these little bears and will sit for hours doing as they say, well if mom and dad let them.

Teddy bears are entering a whole new world with the internet, now there are even a small communities just for them. Your child can join these communities and interact with others using the virtual teddy bears. Even a toddler can even play games online now with virtual teddy bears waiting to help her. Over at there is Winnie the Pooh, Bear from Bear’s in the Big Blue House to help her navigate through the site.

Instead of sending an email, you can now send someone you love a virtual teddy bear. This is an ecard that has a little poem or message on it and plays a tune as you read it. As you scroll down you’ll see your own virtual teddy bear that was sent to you. These teddy bears look just like the real thing, only they are inside your screen and you can’t cuddle with them. Virtual bears are great for those little nephew/nieces/grandkids that you need to send a birthday greeting to. These teddies can also be made into little postcards to send loved ones over the internet, just to show you are thinking of them. The best thing about these virtual teddy bears is that they are free. Now you have no excuses, send your loved one a virtual teddy bear and give them that great beary hug you’ve been meaning to do.

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