Treasuring Handmade Teddy Bears

If your teddy bears are handmade you should treasure them, they were made specifically for you no one else. Think back to when you were given your handmade teddy bears. Why did you get it? You may have been given this gift for a certain reason or just because someone thought of you and wanted to show you how much they cared. A handmade teddy bear can take up to three weeks or more to make, especially when someone has arthritis.

Stop and think of how long this actually took someone to make it for you. Each time they had to make a stitch and poke their fingers with the needle, all because they cared. This gift should be treasured because you don’t get one every day and many people will never get something this precious as long as they live.

One way to treasure your teddy bear is by placing her in a glass cabinet or a see through box of her own. This eliminates most dust that can get on her and in between her stitches and keeps her looking brand new. Remember a handmade gift can be passed down to your own children or grandchildren if properly cared for, which makes a great heirloom gift.

Handmade teddy bears aren’t like your typical teddy bear, these you need to take special care of. Cleaning your handmade bear isn’t hard, take a lightly damp cloth and go over any spots that the teddy may have. Dry it quickly and never pull on it. With regular teddy bears you are able to pull and stretch them out to reshape them, however not with these. If you pull on the bear your granny made you it might start coming apart at the seems. Always keep your handmade teddies safe and up high so little ones can’t get to them. This little bear will be worth so much, when you see the treasure of love it holds on the person you hand it down too.

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