Feet for the Occasion

Let’s be technical for sec. The term evening dress or gown is used generally to refer to the type of dress women wear to a formal gathering such as weddings, proms, award ceremonies, and diplomatic events as well as other white and black tie events. Formal, that’s the word we’re looking for here.

Through the years, white and black tie events have observed some changes on what constitutes formal attire. Formal evening wear were slowly integrating a much more liberal fashion approach, abandoning the stricter and traditional ways. However, regardless of these changes one thing is for certain. Any lady who is asked to attend a formal event will definitely wear her most stunning dress and most glamorous pair of evening shoes.

Just like how the perfect tie should accompany a man’s well made suit, a lady’s elegant designer evening dress needs to be worn with matching designer evening shoes. Evening shoes or shoes in general for that matter, have always been considered by women as an important part of their attire. Women view shoes pretty much like how they consider the rest of their clothes, as reflections of who they are.

It is, therefore, not surprising to see women paying great deals of attention on what to put on their feet. And since, during formal dinners it is expected that they’ll be rubbing shoulders with dignitaries, celebrities or with rich and/or powerful people, women would always choose from their best collection of evening footwear. Formal evening shoes may either be flat shoes, pumps, sandals, platform shoes or even ballet shoes.

Other quite popular evening shoe styles are pointed toe mules, gold patent pumps, 4-inch leather thongs, and strapped high heals. Designs also vary depending on the events. You might find evening shoes that have designs more appropriate for the more conservative parties and events. Meanwhile, there are also shoes that can be worn to a more informal event.

Most of designer evening shoes have very basic and ordinary designs, it is the addition of style on a shoes’ design that makes them head-turners during formal events. Well known shoe designers, have used a variety of materials, from frosted silver leathers to Swarovski crystals and even diamond studs on their products.

Among other materials that designers have used include one or combinations of the following: varieties of buckles, beads, feathers, furs, embroidery and a lot more. Just like the shoe’s basic designs, this formal footwear follows the same, simple formulaic approach: evening shoes need glitter and glow.

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